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I know I have sold some songs, so why is there no money in my account balance?

If no money has shown up in your account, there’s a reason. Here are the usual suspects:

a. None of your music or other products sold in the previous quarter. Remember, you get from the stores/services you chose whatever your content earned for you only after the data and money arrives. For example, final data and money generated from the sale of a song from an iTunes store arrives only after the end of the month in which that song sold. Check your sales reports page to see what months your music actually sold in.

b. Your music or never sold at all.

c. You’re in the wrong account. Some people create multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts, please make sure you’ve checked them all.

d. We pay you per quarter year. This means that we get final reports and money for sales from January to March at the end of May and then pay you automatically. We only pay you if your account balance is over $30 so for all practical purposes your accout balance should not be over $30 for more than a day or so just around reporting and payment dates.