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When Do I Get Paid?

We operate with quarterly royalty statements. It works like this:

The four quarters are:

Q1 Jan-March

Q2 April-June

Q3 July-September

Q4 October-december

At the end of each quarter the stores send us reports of all transactions made in that quarter.we then generate invoices to all the stores. This process takes around thirty days. The stores then have another thirty days to settle these invoices. So around two months after the end of each quarter we recieve the money and upload it to your account. Once your account is updated we run a payment routine that pays all accountholders with more than 30 USD in their accounts. If you have less than that, the account balance stays and accumulates to the next quarter and so on.

Some transactions are made within a given quarter but not paid for by the buyer and therfore are not renumerated in that quarter. (this can happen in certain stores that bill their users after a waiting period. (One example being a customer who buys a single and then returns to buy the album, thus negating the single price and paying for the album instead) That sale will then register on the next quarter statement instead.