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Why Did I Not Get My Money This Quarter?

Here are a few potential reasons:

1. You have not set up your paypal account in your IndigoBoom profile.

2. The Paypal account you have given us is incorrect. (Check and double check this)

3. Your subscription has expired. We will send you email reminders, but you have to   make sure it is paid in time.

4. You requested transfer to a country PayPal does not service. PayPal will only service people in certain countries. For an up-to-date list, please go to

5. You incurred a fee. Luckily for you the IndigoBoom fee structure is very simple.  . IF you have not paid us and the fee comes due, we may deduct it from your account. Should you have an outstanding fee, IndigoBoom reserves the right to deduct it from your account, which could mean you have nothing leftover to transfer. Please be sure to pay all fees promptly to avoid this.

6. We can’t reach you. If you cannot be reached even at a confirmed email address, if all your other information turns up empty, we can’t transfer money or even talk to you. It’s up to you to contact us.