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What rights am I granting to IndigoBoom?

As you’ll see in our terms and conditions you grant IndigoBoom only these rights:

a. You grant IndigoBoom the NON-exclusive right to deliver and allow the stores/services you choose to sell your music. In order for your music or art to appear on other digital music services, IndigoBoom must first get your permission.

b. You grant IndigoBoom the right to collect and transfer to you all the money owed to you from the sale of your music in the stores/services you choose.

c. You grant IndigoBoom the right to use the name(s), photographs and likenesses, artwork images, biographical and other information provided by you in connection with your music

d. You agree to the Schedule of Fees for our services.

e. You agree to our Privacy Policy.

REMEMBER: IndigoBoom does not own your songs, your masters, your copyrights, or the rights to any art work or band photo or music videos you submit. You maintain all ownership and control of all your rights. Also remember, IndigoBoom gets no rights to manufacture CDs, vinyl, DVDs, tapes or anything else. These are your rights, not ours.